The Only Constant is Change

Perhaps no one is more acutely aware of the truth of this old axiom than the executive charged with making key decisions in today's business climate. Yesterday's assumptions do not reflect tomorrow's realities - yet decisions must be made that can affect the well-being of a company for years to come.

This increasingly fluid and competitive environment has not escaped us. More and more, we have seen our clients seek our guidance and support in facing the uncertainties of the future. In responding to these needs, we have redefined the words: "Excellence in Executive and Technical Staffing."

The Executive Search Industry is going through an evolution. Princeton has brought many of its clients an enlightened outlook on personnel decisions. This has resulted in important advantages in the competitive area.

When you, as our client have needs for special expertise in either the technical or executive disciplines, Princeton will be there to assist you. Our highly skilled and professionally trained staff will help you determine the exact type of talent needed to fulfill your most stringent requirements. Our staff will research the market, identify, isolate and evaluate the most highly gifted individuals who fit your specifications.

With the guidance of Princeton, you will be positioned for change by securing the services of individuals who will insure the future of your company. The staff of Princeton welcomes the opportunity to meet any challenges which you might present.

Princeton Corporate Consultants, Inc., was founded by Owner and President, Howard Tarlow. His vision was to create a search firm based on two fundamentals: The client's interests must always come first, and Princeton must provide unparalleled value for clients through the assessment and recruitment of top-level management and executive resources. With this foundation, Princeton is a performance-driven organization, and tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each client. A comprehensive understanding of industry-specific culture couples with industry best in service gives Princeton the ability to conduct searches that feature world-class candidates.

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Our clients always come first.

Your satisfaction is the key to our success.

The decisions you make today affect the well-being of your company for years to come and a wrong hiring decision can have disastrous consequences. Our commitment to our clients is to assist their organization in making informed decisions based on our ability to attract exceptional talent that meets the position criteria. We understand the urgency of your needs as well as the competitive challenges you face in hiring only the best. We leverage our established relationships that we have developed ensuring that our clients have access to a pool of candidates that will meet their long-term strategic needs. The candidates we introduce will be seasoned management professionals prepared and committed to make significant contributions to the  growth of our clients' business. Our network of the best and brightest talent makes a difference.